Monday, July 23, 2012

Remember No One Is Big Enough To Go It Alone: "Ask the Lonely"

The song: The Four Tops, "Ask the Lonely (a cappella)"; 1965

By all accounts Levi Stubbs, the lead singer of the Four Tops, was a well-adjusted and contentedly-married person despite having a voice that can get into your soul and stay there.

It's a reassuring thought for those of us who sometimes wonder if this thing euphemistically called "an artistic temperament" can actually coexist with long-term happiness.

Just ask the lonely -- and probably don't listen to their answer.

(but turn it up!)


EDITED April 2013 to replace the video which had disappeared as they sometimes do (this blog is a garden that requires constant tending). From the comments of the new one. Aw geez:

"As a child growing up in Detroit and living on the North End, we used to walk over to Hitsville USA to just go in and watch the artists rehearsing and recording music. Levi Stubbs and the Four Tops were the nicest of all the group members that we met. He always took time to stop outside to greet and play with us kids Gordy had a lil playground outside in front of the studio where young kids and teens were always welcome to come and play. They played every nice nightclub in the City back then."