Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let's Be Like Children This Christmastime: Modern Love

The modern Christmas song is a tough thing to pull off.

For years my dad and I have joked that all we need to do to strike it rich in this life is somehow write the next hit Christmas carol, one that will be covered by generations to come, and then live easy forevermore on the royalties.

Somehow we always get as far as the title and then no further. But that's okay because the title is the most fun part, right? So far the frontrunners have been "I Don't Want To Take You To The Emergency Room on Christmas Eve" and "It's Hanukkah, Get the Flame-Thrower!". (We're an inclusive family.)

Neither of these concepts have really, shall we say, taken root (Dad, I think we'd be better off devoting our energies to our other get-rich-quick idea, writing the Next Great SyFy Channel Original Movie*) but that's because the modern Christmas song is a tough thing to pull off.


The song: Moody Blues, "Don't Need A Reindeer"; 2003

I like this one though. Because it reminds me -- and this year I evidently sorely needed reminding -- that Christmas is supposed to be fun. And that Christmas is supposed to be about showing the people you love that you love them.  That, I can do. I can't really do the consumerist aspect and I can't really do the religious aspect, but I can certainly take a day or two or three for love and family and togetherness.

I find this song to be a reminder of that, and I also find it truly romantic (So if you see me on the street, no need to ask me what would please me -- it's your love, believe me, this Chriiiiistmaaastime is such a nice line.)

I've felt a bit like a Grinch this year, so I'd like to issue a formal apology to the assembled on that front and say that if you're happily in love this Christmas and planning on merrily sledding or sitting by a roaring fire in a ski lodge or drinking hot chocolate as snowflakes gently drift by your lighted window or otherwise engaging in any holiday romantic activities of the sort depicted in the video for the seminal modern holiday classic "Last Christmas" by Wham!,

please accept this song as your soundtrack, with my compliments.



*So far the frontrunner is a little film we call Shopacalypse!, in which hapless holiday shoppers are trapped in a mall and forced to defeat the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.