Thursday, March 28, 2013

Keep Those Records Playing: Another Spring

One cool thing about having had this blog for over a year: I can now start to see patterns in the way I listen to and enjoy music, which is really interesting because usually when I am in a Phase I pretty much feel like that Phase is the alpha and omega, the way things have always been and the way they always will be.

 But I suppose that's not true, although I do sometimes feel like I am nothing more than a walking collection of Phases. And one thing I've begun to see is, in the early spring when the sap begins to rise, all I want is songs with an intense focus on FUN. (Perhaps even more so this year because of my newfound dedication to simplicity, beauty, and truth.)

Previous songs in this category:

Elvis Costello, "Sneaky Feelings"

Daryl Hall and John Oates, "Camellia"

The Beatles, "Got To Get You Into My Life (demo)"


And now, this, which is slower than many of the "Seriously guys let's DANCE!" songs from this period but is just so relaxed and confident and just swingin'.

Some songs are to get the party started, but this one is to keep the party going. Let's do it.

The song: Sam Cooke, "Having a Party"; 1962