Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This May Be The Song For You Right Now If: "Like Rock & Roll and Radio"


You are, at this moment, 30% sad.

You are, at most moments, at least 30% sad.

You know that very young people often feel very old, and that makes them ridiculous in the eyes of pretty much everyone, and yet you are very young and often feel very old.

(Alternatively, you are in a Sofia Coppola movie and you are staring out some sort of window.)

It is August and you are driving through the Columbia Gorge.

You appreciate a good example of a harmonica solo.

You occasionally enjoy feeling ridiculous.

This might be the song for you right now.

The song: Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs, "Like Rock & Roll and Radio"; 2010


And then when you're ready to shake it off, this can help:

The song: "Old Before Your Time"

When waking up from a moment of self-pity, it helps to do it gently.