Friday, May 4, 2012

I Try To Be Hip And Think Like The Crowd But Even The Crowd Can't Help Me Now: Oh, GIRL.

I want to show you this song, which is too cheesy even for my sensibilities

 (in other words: eek!)

but which brings a fond smile to my face when I hear it.

The song: The Chi-Lites, "Oh Girl"; 1972

I can't make anybody do anything but I can highly recommend that you watch that video. (The Chi-Lites are a group of super-suave black dudes dressed in monochromatic neon-yellow doubloon-type outfits.)

(Also, electric harmonica.)

And then if that put you in the mood for a seventies-pop slow jam (wouldn't blame you in the slightest, that seems to be my default setting), might I recommend this?:

The song: Dusty Springfield, "Make It With You (Bread cover)"; recorded 1971

Please enjoy friends, isn't it starting to feel like summer might actually happen?