Sunday, August 19, 2012

Well The Men Come In These Places and the Men Are All the Same: "Private Dancer"

Hi friends,

Please excuse the recent radio silence. I have been moving, an endeavor which takes relatively little time in the physical world but which has CONSUMED MY BRAIN with a potent mix of dread and excitement and a catlike desire to pee everywhere in my new place (but the pee is colors and music).

In any case, I've been keeping it pretty loose around these parts in ways both good and bad.

(Good: Yes I want to go to Meijer at 12:30 at night to look at DVDs and buy a lip gloss and a bottom shelf perfume!

Bad: Anything having to do with my keys. You know, I am sure, how it goes.)

But now that I have regained my access to such things as "the Internet" and a "place to sit" I thought I'd share with you a song I have recently fallen in love with.

Recently I found myself driving nearly all the way across the state of Michigan late at night while listening to Tina Turner: Simply the Best.

It's a memory I will treasure forever.


The song: Tina Turner, "Private Dancer"; 1984

Written by Mark Knopfler, sung by a 45-year-old Tina Turner, this song is inexpressibly amazing.

It's as close as music can take you to crawling inside someone else's head.

Please enjoy, and I will see you soon in a stabler state.