Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Know A Place: "I'll Take You There"

I love soul music.

For many reasons. It's historically and culturally interesting (as I learned indelibly when I visited the Stax Records Museum in Memphis). It's a truly American art form (and I am very interested in those). It's emotional and interpersonal (like me). It's filled with strong personalities and sassy ladies (like country music, another one of my great passions).

But mostly, I love soul music because it's fun and it makes me want to dance.

And I'd never really liked this song but I've gained a new appreciation for it recently because I've realized just how magical and charming the phrase "I'll take you there" really is. That is, if you have any sort of lust for life at all, but I am sure you do if you love soul music.

Let's go!


The song: The Staples Singers, "I'll Take You There"; 1972

Previous Staples Singers: "Let's Do It Again"