Tuesday, June 18, 2013

And I Can't Pretend That That Doesn't Mean A Thing To Me: "#Beautiful"

Like I said in this post with this Sam Cooke song, some songs are to get the party started and some are to keep an existing party going. Cruising songs, one might say.

This is in the latter category and I just love it. It sounds like misty water-colored memories and also like right the fuck now. It makes me want to find a mint-green convertible and drive away in it.

The song: Mariah Carey ft. Miguel, "#Beautiful"; 2013


I'll even forgive the silly use of the hashtag there (there is no reason for a hashtag in that title other than to be "hip" and "current") because I find the absurdity of it somewhat beautiful in and of itself.

I think I might be obsessed with beauty and absurdity, because everything and everybody I love is one or the other or both. I can think of worse fixations.

(By the way, this song is technically a Mariah Carey song featuring Miguel, but I think it sounds like him and he's the one who's really carrying it [no disrespect intended to Mimi]. If you're unfamiliar with Miguel, he's a singer and songwriter with a real knack for writing intelligent love songs. Two more of my favorites: "Adorn", and "Sure Thing".)

Please enjoy. I do.